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Man with infant, maybe Arno

Roof tops maybe Laura

Woman washing cloths

Urban scene with white ducks

Young woman

King Juda (Tomaki's father)


Woman getting water from cistern

Old man, young woman, infant

Men sitting on porch, Ronglap/Kili

Likiep boat and LCVP loaded with people

Aireal photo Laura

Goup, LCVP or LCM and barge

Majuro post office

Maynard Neas, Council Hall

Distad Maynard Neas


Left: Ezikel Lokon, Joaje Aisek (worked in agrculture with Takeuchi), Mellan, Isoa Lanbelik (teachers Isoa married to Ronglap councilwomen Roko)

Atlan Anien, Boyd McKenzie

Micheal (Mejit), Anton deBrum, ?, Manynard Neas


Dr. Isaac Lanwi, Dr. Tregar Ishoda, Dr. Henry Samuel, ?

Loading copra on to workboat

Elenor Wilson


3 men, throw net, walking beach

Coconut nursery, man

Ocean scene


Joram (Bikarej, Arno)

Likiep Church?

Agriculture station


Young man with plant

Argiculture station

Young woman near the ocean


Jabwa dancers

Two Americans

Raymand deBrum (Leonard's brother)


Ajidrik Bien

Men in boad house

Ronglap woman?


Men beaching work boat, MV Tory

Man with thrownet walking ocean side, war debris on beach

Same man retrieving net


Same man throwing net

Trust Territory Map

Thatched church, Likiep?


Old man, American recording fish catch

American man, Tarjikit (Amata's mother)

MV Tory, Majuro dock


MV Torry

Laura, Navy waterhouses

Two story bldg, Guam or Hawaii


Outigger under sail




Large Outrigger

William Allen

Kabua, Kabua


Litargikot & High com.

Likiep Church ?

Distad Headquarters,
Majuro 1953


Henry Muller with couple of Marshallese men

American Marshallese and coconut crab on ship

Old Woman maybe with grandchildren


Children with the cone


Houses ?


Marshallese Hut ?

English men with Marshallese men

men with the Copra bags


Houses maybe Majuro

Men mixing cement

Work boat coming ashore, MV Tory


Houses maybe Majuro

Majuro Airport

MIECO movie and stor Uliga


Rudolf Muller

Takeuchi, TT Agricultureist

William Allen


William Allen

William Allen