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The elders below have shared narratives of key events in their lives. These stories range from World War II (1940-45) through the Trust Territory era (1945-1986) and into the current era of independence. Some stories are very personal and offer a view of daily life at a particular time. Other stories place the illuminate critically important historical events. The value of these stories is not only in the individual's experience but also in the stories collectively: together they comprise the larger story of Marshallese life. To view the questions we asked, click on this link: questions.

To access the archive of each story teller, click on the story-teller's picture. The sub-headings indicate the topics discussed.


Ritto rein ilal raar bwebwenato kin men ko rellap ilo mour ko aer kajojo. Bwebwenato kein rej jino jan Bata Eo Kein Karuo (1940-45), tok nan ien ko an Trust Territory (1945-86) im itok nan ien eo jaar kien anemkwoj maantak. Jet bwebwenato elap aer mwilal im rej komeleleik wawein mour ilo baj juon tore eo kelete. Aorok ko an bwebwenato kein rejjab bedbed wot ilo mour ko an kajojo ri-bwebwenato ak bar einwot aorokin bwebwenato ko aolep, einwot ke ilo aer koba ippan droon, rekitbuuj im pijaik lok  aolepen bwebwenato in mour ko an Ri-Majel.

Nan tobar melele ko ikijjien kajojo ri-bwebwenato, jibed kajjien pija in ri-bwebwenato eo. Jeje ko dredrik rej kwalok ta ko konono kaki.

irooj Hermios
irooj laplap Hermios
leader of the Ratak chain

Betra Mashimoto
Betra Name Mashimoto
educator, life on Kwajalein

irooj laplap Loeak
leader of the Ralik chain

jane ritok
Jane Ritok
a weaver's life

Jibi Helkena
a teacher's life

senator chutaro
Chuji Chutaro
foundation of the Republic

Honseki Jumon
life stories

isabella silk
Isabella Silk
World War II

alfred capelle
Alfred Capelle
educator, linguist

Biti Lake
a life of fishing

calvin jormelu
Calvin Jormelu
World War II


Samuel Leto
mischief on Arno

jerry kramer
Jerry Kramer
independence for the Marshalls

latellik johnson
Latellik Johnson
World War II

Jureman Komen
Jureman Komen
life after the war

Willy Mwekto
Life In the Old Days