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Right: Amata Kabua

Two Boys


Dr.Brown, Yosa Lokon?

Yosa Lokon?

Front: Emius, Lived in Ebedon, Rogelapese. Middle: Namu Hermios, Lift: Ezikel Lokon


Atlan Anien



Young Marshallese Woman


Left: William Allen, Riht: ?


Man under Breadfruit Tree

Guy Howe up a coconut tree


Guy Howe with Marshallese family

Brain Ender

Navy officer


Majuro dock

Sunset big ship

Lenja (Len Lenja's father)




William Allen, on ship with others


Majuro dock with ship

Cemetary-- is that a star of David on one gave?

Likiep Potestant Church?


Group, Likiep?







Maybe pastor or medic at Likiep

Lora- far right: Rewa Samuel

Dr. Conard (DOE)


Large party group

painting house, local scene

Laura elementary school


Laura elementary school

Women and babies on an landing craft

Ezekil Lokon (Berman Lokon MEC, grand uncle)


Boarding at Majuro Airport

Ship with work boat

right: Atina (James Milne's wife), left?


Young Marshallese girl

Large family group



Young man climbing coconut tree

Isea David & wife Libarme, American, Tarjikit



American Marshallese and coconut crab on ship

Kabua Kabua

American with cigarette


Keith Smith

Kids easter egg hunt

Todlers swimming


Young boy playing

Old man

Women embroiding pillow cases


Young Marshallese woman with breadfruit

Young Marshallese woman with infant

two Marshallese young women with buckets


4 Young children

Marshallese woman

Marshallese woman biting pandanus leaf


Teenaged boy

Husking coconut

man, Arno?